Water Stewardship Verification

Recognizing Sustainable Water Stewardship


With the increasing pressure of working toward a net zero climate, water is becoming a key part of many businesses’ sustainability strategies. Corporations are needing to measure water impacts and manage water-related risks for environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting, corporate sustainability reporting (CSR), and sustainable development goals (SDGs).

How do companies know where to start? SCS Global Services is here to help companies navigate their water stewardship journey. With the SCS Responsible Water Practices program, companies can strengthen their sustainability commitments and demonstrate tangible improvements and successes over time. Our programs address corporate commitments, site actions, and watershed based programs.

Implement. Improve. Replenish. Verify.



Wave: Water Stewardship Verified
The Water Council’s WAVE program is a methodology for improving, reporting, and recognizing good corporate water stewardship. It is an enterprise-level acceleration program for companies to jumpstart their water stewardship with required independent verification by SCS.


REPLENISH Verification
Demonstrate your company’s watershed improvements and verify your water replenishment goals. This SCS verification includes water stewardship actions such as land restoration, stormwater management, wetland protection, rainwater harvesting and water reuse.



Technical Advisory Services
As experts on the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) program since its inception, SCS Global Services offers technical advisory services and training to help organization implement their water stewardship programs.


Responsible Water Certification
Demonstrate responsible water practices within your sites or facilities. This SCS certification standard incorporated water management, efficiency, quality, risk, WASH and more – enabling companies to achieve a comprehensive water stewardship program.


SCS Global Services is proud to be a founding Water Champion member and partner with The Water Council.

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"The Water Council has a long history of working with SCS and has benefited from our mutual partnership on matters of water stewardship over the years. They supported us in developing the North America marketplace for site-level water stewardship and partnered with us on trainings and webinars to advance responsible water practices and stewardship. Further, SCS has been a proud sponsor of many of our events and has proven a reliable and dedicated partner. We continue to look forward to future collaborations with them.”

Matt Howard

Vice President of Water Stewardship at The Water Council

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    Stanley Mathuram
    Executive Vice President

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