Spring 2022

“We are, after all, the greatest problem solvers to have ever existed on Earth. If working apart, we are a force powerful enough to destabilize our planet. Surely working together, we are powerful enough to save it.”

                                              – Sir David Attenborough, Broadcaster and Documentary Maker

SCS Global Services operates for the benefit of people and the environment. This Annual Benefit Corporation Statement summarizes our work in support of this mission, through the administration of third-party certification services, development of rigorous standards, and sharing of knowledge and insights. Social and environmental responsibility are also embedded into our quality system and corporate polices, and integral to our day-to-day internal operations.

SCS Founder and President


2021 was a year when all companies had to regroup and rethink the way they did business. While some did not make it, many companies found ways to pivot and make their businesses stronger. The resilience we’ve witnessed has come with a renewed interest in delivering better business and in changing the status quo to the benefit of both people and planet.

Building upon the consistent and steadfast sustainability work we have done for nearly 40 years and navigating the pandemic to ensure that both our employees and our customers didn’t miss a beat, we’ve been able to sustain exceptional growth and forge deeper inroads into markets that were missing our science-based expertise and validation.

With the increased calls for greater corporate ESG transparency and accountability coming from the global investment world, we launched SCS Consulting, a dedicated team that is helping companies of all sizes determine and define their sustainability roadmap, navigate the numerous reporting protocols, and set goals that will drive exceptional, sustainable and climate-friendly business practices in the years to come.

This was also the year in which we released our groundbreaking Certified Sustainability Rated Standard for Diamonds, tackling decades of greenwashing and mistrust that have pervaded the industry and establishing a new template for sustainability standards going forward. We also put our own stamp on carbon neutral and zero waste standards, considerably expanding the range of covered products and claims, opening up opportunities for global organizations to successfully showcase the exceptional work they are doing and add depth to their ESG reporting.

In addition, we have accelerated our innovative efforts to address the looming climate crisis, duly noted at COP26, particularly in the wake of such problems as ongoing deforestation and the lack of methane and black carbon reduction. In fact, SCS believes this is the most important decade for climate action. What we do from now until 2030 will determine whether we avoid the most devastating effects of climate change. We will be sharing a lot more about these efforts this year, which will help organizations around the world to more effectively mitigate their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, while simultaneously achieving significant gains in terms of regional environmental and human health issues.
We are working actively to build deeper partnerships with companies, NGOs, governmental agencies and other stakeholders in our quest to build a world that is cleaner, healthier and more inhabitable for future generations.


SCS’ senior management is fully committed to carrying out the benefit mission of the organization – to promote sustainable decision-making, policies and practices that safeguard our environment, climate, and health, support workers and communities, and raise the standard of living for all.

Our Team



We are proud to work with clients around the world, providing auditing, verification, certification, training, and consulting services in the natural resources, built environment, consumer products, food and agriculture, retail, and climate sectors. A summary of our current services can be found by checking out the services menu on our website.


New Services Added

  • Introduced the certification standard for Sustainably Rated Diamonds
  • Introduced the Zero Waste standard for facilities, events and projects
  • Introduced the SCS Carbon Neutral standard for facilities, events and projects
  • SCS becomes an official certification body for the Rainforest Alliance standard


The SCS Board of Directors currently consists of seven individuals dedicated to the company’s mission and intimately knowledgeable about the company’s operations.


Statement from the Board

Consistent with our charter in the State of California as a Benefit Corporation, we confirm that: 1) SCS Global Services’ corporate purpose is to create a materially positive impact on society and the environment; 2) SCS Global Services includes consideration of non-financial interests within the scope of our fiduciary duty when making decisions; and 3) SCS Global Services publishes this Annual Benefit Corporation Statement summarizing its performance with respect to this charter.

Pursuant to Sections 14621 and 14630 of the California Corporations Code, the Board of Directors hereby affirms that, during the year 2020, the corporation successfully fulfilled its general purposes, functions and responsibilities as a California Benefit Corporation, as well as its specific purpose of providing third-party certification, auditing, testing and training services that recognize and reinforce client efforts to protect the environment, advance social responsibility, and enhance quality and safety.